Mission using Sony X3000 action cam in 4K under Heli

I have ditched my big cameras for video filming. This video here was made for the people living in the house. The Heli nicely circles the object of interest. That part had to be cut out. But I extended for quality check the surrounding area and I believe the quality is very good. The gimbal is hanging in wires but still you can see a wobble on a tricky waypoint. The Heli is a RJX 500 stretched to 520 with Spinblades and Direct drive at the tail. Also using 2 GPS units. FW 5.3.2
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU5rhJglZt0 click 4K if not automatically.
Nearly forgot, this Heli is re-tuned with the new Chris Olson method.

Fred, that is very nice!

Should mention that the tuning method is not mine. The credit goes to @Leonardthall to get the information to @bnsgeyer so we could test it, perfect it, have a few other users try it. It has proven to be highly successful and much safer. So Bill and I should have a PR ready to update the old wiki. We’ve been kind of putting the final touches on the draft today.

If you don’t mind me asking, which model of Sony action cam are you using? These action cams are getting so good, and so compact, that carrying large cameras is no longer necessary.

I guess if I would’ve read the subject line closer I might have realized what model camera this was done with :sweat_smile:

Chris, nobody explains the tuning method so understandably easy as you do, to date. Regarding the Sony action cam, yes the X3000 is brand new to me and did the first test videos. I do have the X 1000 as-well and have quite impressive videos. But that camera has bad distortion all around the edges. I took the sky shot with it when the Heli came down in RTL. The clouds are all in a circle. It looks good but is unrealistic. I just have started with my YouTube channel but have to be careful not show videos from clients without written permission. lol The important part of this mission I did yesterday, I can not show. But this RJX Heli did the best job ever. Before I used for everything final the TR700. That Heli seems to be retired now. But I am thinking seriously to put it in a scale body. I have looked for the cheapest option that is the Jet Ranger. But it would be a Jet Ranger with 3 blades. - funny- I don’t care.

My understanding with the Sony cameras is that you can reduce the FOV and either get rid of, or greatly reduce the fisheye effect? Or do they have a different lens available that is not a fisheye wide angle lens?

Yes, that is right but to reduce it and activate the stabilization you are loosing the 4K capability with the X1000. The X3000 is different. It has the mechanical stabilization and hardly any fish-eye effect. No other action camera has that feature at the moment. That means I have the full potential of 4K with mechanical stabilization on.
My videos are all 4K because in the near future it is standard or even 8K. And I can supply my archived videos in that resolution. At the moment not a lot of people use it because they have not the 4k PC monitor or 4k TV set. I do have a Sony 4K TV and it is amazing to see that video above on it.

I forgot to answer the question if Sony offers different lenses for the action cams. No, I have not seen that option. Sony has reduced that fish-eye effect with the new X3000 enormously.
And another good feature is: The remote (on your hand wrist if you like) has an LSD screen. Can be used for zooming in and out. Turning camera on and off and others remotely.
But only for shorter distance at this stage.

Do you use the WiFi feature for remote control without interference to 2.4GHz radios?

Yes, but only on the ground before takeoff than I turn the remote off.

I actually noticed that, Fred. That video looked very good. I have to look into one of those X3000 cameras. My MAPPIR camera has to have the fisheye removed in post on still images and I think there’s better options out there. The X3000 looks like a good one.