Mission upload fails due to unsupported command

I’ve been using QGC to create standard top down grid survey missions with no issues so far. This week I decided to have a go at a structire scan mission, but run into an issue when I come to upload the mission to the drone,


The mission file I am trying to upload is below

I first came across this error when I created the mission on my herelink, but I have since tested it on the latest version on my PC too.

I’m running ArduCopter 4.13 on my hex which supports the ROI commands that I think the error is related to, so I am a bit stumped as to why this fails.

If anyone can point me in teh right direction that would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know whether this is the same or just a very similar issue than the one reported by me some time back: Fly Plan Land item incompatible with ArduPlane due to camera config (of Surveil item?) · Issue #10092 · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub

As we where working on a reasearch project and would like to use ArduPilot due to it’s soar mode it would be very helpful if somebody could have a look into this.

Edit: @StefanHafner did you create the mission before uploading or did you open a .plan file containing the mission and then tried to upload?

I created the mission, and then just clicked on the upload button in QGC to transfer it to the drone.

I didn’t try uploading a previously saved .plan, which I can try at some point, but I suspect it’s the command itself that is causing the issue. The fact that I can create a normal survey mission and transfer it with no issue reinforces that, as it seems to only be during the sctructure survey mission I get the message.

In my case, I think removing the ROI command and aiming the camera manually would get me running, but I need tolook at if I can do that in the plan file or under the hood in QGC

Make sure you are designing a plan specifically for ArduPilot. Check that the firmware is set correctly in the Mission Settings item (first item in plan). You can only change this before you add any items to the plan.

I’ve just double checked, and I am definintely using the correct settings. I had created a mission in offline which could have caused an error, but when I first discovered this I was connected live via my herelink which auto detected the settings. Also just check this via my PC and and get the same message and fails to upload.