Mission start without using throttle stick

Hello Friends: while following AUTO wiki, I need to know is there any way to start the mission without using the transmitter THR?. I want to automate this sentence in copter wiki …"…switch to the Auto flight mode, then raise the throttle. The moment that the throttle is raised above zero, the copter will begin the mission"

i.e. by using MP–>Action tab, i can ARM then switch to AUTO, but still need THR stick on transmitter to start the mission. I can see MP–>ctrl-F–>‘arm and takeoff’?..objective is to completely automate starting the mission by using GCS telemetry (avoiding transmitter etc.) .

Any idea, please help?.

Answering to my own question:
following is the sequence of initiating mission without using THR stick on TX …
1/Flight DATA --> Action Tab
2/(optional) Set Mode–>Stabilize
3/Arm/ Disarm (This will ARM the copter)
5/Do Action–>MISSION_START (**This will avoid throttle stick on TX)