Mission stalling after takeoff

The last couple of flights with my pixhawk/Tarot 960 have been a dud. Once in auto, it will take off and climb to the mission altitude and just stay there. Hundreds of missions without ever a problem and now it just gets stuck.

Speed in the wrong column of DO_CHANGE_SPEED. Put it in both the first and second columns. Also check WPNAV_SPEED.

I was generating this using the grid function. So a bug in Mission Planner then? I’ve used it countless times before this problem. Strange. Thanks for looking.

So I created to missions using the survey grid. First thing there’s a new “use speed” checkbox. Before you could enter whatever speed you wanted, but it would just use the Nav waypoint speed in extended tuning. So now if you check the box, it really wants to use the speed you entered lol. Except it’s in the wrong spot, so it just sits there. I’ll just manually change it each grid pattern, but I’m sure someone will fix it. Is this just an recent update to Mission Planner? Can’t complain about a few bugs, so much better than DJ eye lol.

That was it. Mission planner’s survey grid is simply putting the speed into the wrong column. Just leave the “use speed” unchecked and set your speed in the extended tuning for max nav speed.