MISSION_RESTART set at 0 then loading new Mission

Here is the scenario that probably is not common with copters. I fly also. I have an eight waypoint mission to get me out of my harbor into open water. MISSION_RESTART is set to 0 in case I have a people boat to deal with and interrupt the mission. Next I stop the mission after waypoint 7 and put the boat in loiter. Next I clear the mission using Mission Planner and enter a new waypoint mission and write it to the boat. Because I never made it to waypoint 8 in the previous mission the boat will go to waypoint 8 in the new mission and then 9 and so on. So it skips waypoints 1 -7 in the new mission. Any way around this so that if I clear a mission and load a new one the code will realize the old mission is junk and start the new one from waypoint one. Thank you.

Hi David, i have been getting the same but because i am a relative newbie i thought it was my issue also if i change home position in planner even though i upload then new data it never seems to change.
My boat has no transmitter or receiver and most failsafe turned off i arm and disarm using the button and my kickstart is set to 2m/s, i am going to try and work on this issue this week, will get back if i find anything


Could you raise an issue on the issues list?

One tricky thing is that it may be hard for the vehicle code to know if the mission has been adjusted vs rewritten. So for example, it may not appear very different if one mission item is moved vs the whole mission being rewritten. anyway, the behaviour described sounds good to me, it becomes a question on how do we implement it.

This was a entirely new mission written. My solution is to let the first mission run itself in entirety and then load the new mission. But there can be cases where the first mission may need to be halted before finished and then a new one written I suppose. I was just wondering if anybody else had seen this behavior before. Its something I never did on any aircraft.

FYI, if using MP on the Flight Data screen’s Action tab there is a drop-down and a “Set WP” button beside it that makes it a bit easier to set the active waypoint. Not saying this is a great solution but in case you haven’t seen this…

Thanks. Mission Planner can do an unbelievable amount of things. It’s amazing to me.