Mission Pre planning

Mission Pre planning and setting waypoints on a location far from mine is a huge part of what Im using drones for. Im Brand New to this version of mission planning and the applications it contains. I’m in search of any and all documents available that contain any helpful notes, Instructions, PDF’S, reference cards etc. Anything helps! Thanks

A few ways to do this.
Architecture plays a significant part in available options.
What is the remote end like? Connectivity? Tablet or PC or no GCS?
Technical ability of operators at remote end?

It’s on a PC, here’s the kicker, for my surveying task at hand, ill be using both Arial and aquatic assets that I can establish link on mission planner with no problem, would I be able to Navigate my waypoints in the sky and seperaratly navigate the waypoints in the water at the same time? How much would differ in the auto mode missions?

I honestly don’t know how it’ll handle different vehicle types, because I’ve never tried. I don’t foresee a problem, but @meee1 perhaps can confirm.