Mission planning tutorial

Had my first flight with the autopilot doing stabilization today, and it was awesome…rock solid in the wind.

Anyway, we started to set up a basic mission in APM planner, but all of the resources I could find show mission creation being done in Mission Planner. The interface differences make it difficult for me to be sure I am setting the mission up correctly, it’s a little nerve-racking when it’s your first time…especially when there isn’t a waypoint marked home to reassure you like mission planner appeared to have :slight_smile:

Does anybody know if there is a similar page or video to the ones shown here: plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/common- … nd-events/ but for APM planner? If one doesn’t exist i’ll put my voice out there saying that for somebody just picking up this technology a short video of somebody showing the inns and outs of mission creation would be extremely helpful.

Thanks to everybody for their contributions to this project, I hope I can contribute back as I learn more.

I am at about the same place as a newbe . The videos have been very helpful . Looking forward to a new video showing off the mission planner functions of APM Planner 2.0.

I’m also having troubles figuring out how to effectively plan a mission. The instructions on the APM website and the PDF tutorials are very light.


Anyone have any links?

Bump. Maybe i’m being stupid, but I haven’t even been able to plot any waypoints on the map. When I click the + in the bottom right corner I get a new waypoint in the list, but it’s not showing up on the map for me. Idk.

Just doubleclick in the map… I guess it’s too easy :slight_smile: