Mission planner

I’ve been using mission planner on my tri-copter for a few months. Many times she flys to some waypoints and then RTL’s. In other words she doesn’t fly to all the waypoints loaded in the mission.
I’ve tried adding more waypoints closer together, using less waypoints and reduced the expected flight distance of the mission. Nothing has worked to date. Also, I’m using a new battery and there has been plenty of charge after the each mission that skipped waypoints. There’s no pattern to the amount of waypoints she flys to before RTL . Sometimes she makes it through 3 waypoints sometimes more.
Thanks for any thoughts you can share on this subject.
Regards, Scott

Hi folks,
I learned how to read logs in mission planner today and found out that I have an issues with my radio.
My tri-copter is set up to RTL when it loses contact with my radio. It looks like I had a broken wire on my antenna.
Case closed. Regards, Scott