Mission Planner

I’m totally new to this,
Have downloaded mission planner , and go to the fimware install tab and there are no options , Select the quad frame configuration and it appears that something is loading , then get message no such file or directory , have loaded mission installer and put it in the planner folder hoping that may fix my problem .
Seems everything I do with mission planner does not work , tried to set up the radio and it will not let me load the operating frequencys ,
Really I have nothing working mav link included have loaded the port drivers and a week of frustration later here I am .
Any help will be appreciated


the firmware tab only show option when you are not connected.

did you use the msi to install mission planner?

thanks for the reply, no I did not use MSI to install mission planner, when I clicked on MSI it asked for a program to open it , did not run as I would have expected it to, I must be doing some thing completely wrong.
with MP not connected the firmware tab still does not give a drop down option box

What version of the MP are you trying to run?
What version of Windows are you running?
The msi is a self executing program and Windows should not have asked for a program to open it.
If you run the msi again, right click on it and select "run as administrator"
The latest version of the MP (1.2.92) does not have firmware tab with a drop down option box.
Have you followed these wiki instructions to load the MP on your PC: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/initial-setup/common-install-mission-planner/
Have you followed these wiki instructions to load the selected firmware on your APM: http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/initial-setup/common-load-firmware-apm/
TCIII Developer

thanks for all of the links , I have been using the MAC version but do have a windows vista available so will try that with your links

with all of the help I am sure I now have the firmware loaded and I went through the radio setup and seem to have that sorted .
I dont seem to have the ESC’s armed or I have another fault that I dont know where to go sort it , there is a blue led that is solid when I put power to the machine , when I turn on the radio the blue led starts to flash, slowly, when I try to arm the ESC this blue led starts to flash quickly , when the controls are in the neutral position and the throttle is in the minimum position the LED is still flashing but at the slow rate ,
Can any one give me a few suggestions as to what to try next to sort this.
I think I’m close to getting this to fly, if I can sort this last problem