Mission Planner won't connect to Pixhawk when SBUS Receiver is connected

Hi all!! I’m hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. I’m refurbing a 700mm Quad as a Long Distance landscape/nature photo platform. I’m attempting to connect my TBS Diversity Nano RX to the Pixhawk in SBUS mode. Mission planner connects to the Pixhawk just fine with the receiver unplugged, but when the RX is plugged in, it times out. I’m stumped. Any thoughts?



Perhaps it’s a power problem. For example if the autopilot is being powered from a USB cable then computer at the other end may not be able to provide enough power for the autopilot and all the peripherals.

You were indeed correct. Every time I connected after reading your reply, I had a 3S pack plugged in, and it linked up every time! Thanks very much!!


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