Mission Planner With Walkera QR X350 Pro

Hello, I recently purchased the Walkera QR X350 Pro. My intentions were to use it with Mission Planner. So far I have connected V1 of the 3D Telemetry which seems to work good one way. I can see what my 350 is doing, but cant make changes. I am not sure if I can get two way with the Devo-M contorller? I will be happy just watching what it is dong for now.

My question is, if I correctly changed one of my toggle switches which was channel 7 and used on my controller as FMOD for IOC to now be Auto within mission planner. I do hear a voice say Auto when I move the switch.

If this was done correctly, am I still able to control or take control with my Devo F7 radio should I need to once it is headed out on the mission?

Hope all that made sense as I am very new to using both mission planner and the walkera.

Thanks for any help
Grandpa Jake

nobody on the dev team owns one of these. so I dont think we can answer.