Mission planner with PX4 firmware?

Hello everyone
Is it possible to use mission planner with a PX4 firmware to prepare flight plans (survey grid)?
And if so how?

When I connect my pixhawk with PX4 to mission planner all seems to work, HUD, sensors…

But when I try to send a mission (survey grid)
I get the error message:

There was an unexpected error ( Timeout on read - setWP )

any help appreciated!

Thanks in advance

I don’t think so. QGC is the native GCS for PX4.

Hey, thanks for your answer the problem with qgc i miss KML overlay and when you generate grid with “U” shape polygone for example thé path dont stay in thé bondary.

I think mav command are the same between arducopter and px4, so why it wouldn’t work?

What we can confirm is that ArduPilot works fine with Mission Planner :slight_smile:
I invite you to ask the same question on PX4 and check the response … if any

So you are welcome to be part of thecommunity and benefit from our support

Thanks, i know that work well :sweat_smile:,
ardupilot and mission planner are my go to when i have choice.

But right now i dont have the choice to use Px4 so i try to find a way tu use it with mission planner.

I also Ask on PX4 forum as im between both
By thé way QGC have also some nice feature a mix of both would bé perfect :rofl:

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