Mission Planner will not connect via Sik radio

Problem: Can’t connect Pixhawk to Mission Planner via Sik radio. Expected result – connection. Actual result – won’t connect (params won’t load) Connects fine with USB cable.

Hardware: 3DR Pixhawk, Mission Planner on PC, homebuilt 450 quad.

Firmware version 3.2.1, Sik radio is generic (tried different radio with same result)

My quadcopter has recently developed a problem that I can’t find a fix for. The system is a Pixhawk FC on a 450 sized quad. The FC works fine and the quad flies well. However, it will no longer connect to Mission Planner via Mavlink using a Sik radio. It has worked fine in the past but all of a sudden has quit connecting. It seems to start connecting but after the connecting window says “Done” the Getting Params1 window opens and the connection will not proceed further. The “Getting Params…” message continues until cancelled.

This problem seems to have started after updating to the latest 3.3.3 firmware so I rolled it back to the 3.2.1 previous version but no change in behavior.

Also at about the same time I acquired a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 and started using it. It also initially worked fine but now seems to behave much like the PC. That is, it partially connects but won’t really transmit any data back and forth.

When I go to the setup window for the Sik radios and press the Load Data button, all the radio info loads fine for both radios but it apparently does not save when you hit the “Save Settings” button since the data will not be there if you leave the setup window and return. I wonder if I don’t have some other setting triggered somewhere that I don’t know about.

Any insight or help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance - Richard

verify the settings on the radios are the same both ends.

Also remember to load all settings to both radio units before connecting via MP

If you try to connect MP before loading all the correct settings to the radio units it will fail to connect.

Thanks for your comments. They are the same on both radios.

Surprisingly, the system has started working again. I have concluded that switching one of the radios back and forth from the PC and Mission Planner to the Samsung and DroidPlanner may have been confusing the system. I think this could have affected the settings as you suggest. I have now adopted a procedure where I shut everything down and restart (plane, mission planner, pixhawk, droidplanner) any time I switch a radio from the PC to the tablet. At least for the present that seems to solve the problem.