Mission Planner Waypoint text file structure questions

I may be asking this question in the wrong section but I am new to this kind of thing and real confused on APM and Mission Planner relations. Anyway, using Mission Planner, I finally found a way to trigger my Walkeria iLook+ camera on my IRIS+ using Do_Digicam_Control just before and after doing a Loiter_Turns command. My goal is to have the camera record video only while doing the loiter circle. The DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL will trigger the camera to start or stop recording but only when it is set just right in the LAT/LONG fields. It might also be the DO_CHANGE_SPEED command Lat/Long fields causing my issue. This is where I need the help to determine how to make it consistently work. It is my understanding that the Lat/Long field is ignored for these commands but when I change these two fields other than it needs to be a non-zero, it seems that in some situations it doesn’t work. It seems that I almost need the same position as the Loiter turn but not exactly the same. I found that when I make the position fields all the same that I get some weird circle patterns, starting with a fast simi-circle then move to another point and do a full circle.
When I get this figured out, I will write a program in Visual basic that all I need to give it is a home and destination Lat/Long position and it will create the waypoint files. It takes 8 waypoint commands to complete one of these missions because I set the speed up when traveling to the point then slow down for the circle.
By the way, the DO_DIGICAM_CONTROL command is not on Droid Planner and doesn’t work when I try it, really wish it was!
Any suggestions would be appreciated.