Mission Planner: way to stream GoPro Hero 4 Silver edition to HUD of Mission Planner?

Hello All,

I am currently trying to get a GoPro Hero 4 Silver edition to live stream into the Mission Planner HUD. I know there is ways to do it, but I am not successful in any way. There is the MJPEG source, the GStreamer pipeline, and a hardware configuration of built in cameras into Mission Planner… however I cannot get any of these way to stream my gopro video feed. I have camera suite and can get the gopro to stream through my Windows PC and through VLC player but would like to stream it into Mission Planner. Any help out there or advice?



APSync includes video streaming over UDP using gstreamer but it doesn’t use MJPEG I think. I’ve put this in the Mission Planner category which might help @meee1 and/or @peterbarker who know better.