Mission Planner, way-point rendering changed


cause of several problems I had with the mission planner user interface I made some changes to the source and I’m wondering if anybody is interested into them, or have other wishes and or complains:

  • first thing, I made the way-points taking less space to render to create more complex way-point structures
  • I removed the labels and render the altitude and way-point index directly with a small font, I think its important that all altitudes can be seen at once on the map, without taking much space
  • way-points are inserted after the way-point that was selected last, otherwise its quite annying to add a way-point inbetween
  • higher zoom level for the map
  • visual battery warning, big red label if battery voltage drops under the given threshold

some changes can be seen on the attached screenshot


Nice work. You might want to post what you have accomplished on the DIY Drones website MP Discussion Forum: diydrones.com/forum/categori … orCategory