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Mission Planner vs QGroundControl for a QuadPlane

Hi! I am building a VTOL QuadPlane on an RQ-7 Shadow Balsa/Ply kit; with a Pixhawk.
I have used ArduCopter on the APM2.5(and its variants) for about four years now. I have also used APM Plane on the Pixhawk for a few months. I am pretty comfortable using Mission Planner as my GCS as that’s the only one I have ever used.
From what I have understood, correct me if I am wrong, I can use the PX4 Flightstack with QGC and the APM Flightstack with Mission Planner. On the PX4 documentation for Quadplanes they mention to use QGC.
I would like to use Mission Planner as I am more familiar with it. Does QGC have any QuadPlane specific advantages? Also, I have never setup an airspeed sensor on a fixed wing before, is there any benefits with either GCS regarding this? I don’t want to mess up this part of my setup since I understand that the airspeed sensor is critical to the performance of a quadplane.

Thank you.

Mission Planner supports ArduPilot firmware. QGroundControl supports both PX4 Pro and ArduPilot firmware.

Hi! I generally like to use QGroundControl better because it had a much cleaner format and it’s easier to see what’s where.

QGC is the only one available for mobile users.
Also, if you are using PX4, you have no choice but to go with QGC.
If you are using ArduPilot, you have a choice between QGC and MP. I use MP because I’ve heard that QGC is very buggy with ArduPilot.
Finally, if you are using APM, it’s best to stick with APM Planer.

I would call bull on that. If you have problems let me know. I spend a ton of time getting QGC to work well with ArduPilot.

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Great! I like QGC much better so I might start using that!

Make sure to let me know you complaints, bugs, missing stuff.

Hi everyone,

I am also using APM 2.8(tiro…)

I always use MP, but recently like to go for QGC.

But it keeps showing that mine is less than 3.5(I believe it means the firmware in the APM 2.8(3.2.1))

Any ways I can fix it?

Hi peter that hardware getting a little old and its not sported any more
update your hardware and will not look back

there cheap

Hi Colin,

Thanks for the explaining. It seems my equipment is “Old” school.
Tooo…many question about the coming new FC system
Just wonder the Matek, is that about the same as APM(I can upload the firmware and work with mission Planner and Qgroundcontrol)?

Also, how about the Pixhawk 4, which one is better(or what’s the difference)

I do also have some sensors(sonar, Optic Flow ), and 3DR telemetry, wifi… when I purchased APM long time ago, can I still use it on Matek system(Or is that I need to purchase all again?)

What I like to play is UAV(drone… and maybe would go for plane later), and play with the way point…
Is the one you suggest is the best choice in low budget. ThX again!

APM was never supported by QGroundControl. There are many Flight Controllers to choose from supported by Ardupilot.

hello @DonLakeFlyer

Thanks for your work,

I use Ardupilot to fly traditional helicopters 4.0.5 version.
Used QGC but found out that the parameter list lacks parameters and have non used parameters as well… is it something i installed wrong ?

installed the latest QGC application for windows, with the same results.

The parameter list comes from the vehicle. So if there are missing parameters then it’s the firmware that isn’t sending them. QGC shows all the parameters from the vehicle. I think MP has various views where it filters out some parameters and it also has a full parameter view. You may be confusing a filtered MP view to QGC full list.

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