Mission Planner v1.3.39 Errors with Mono and Ubuntu 16.04

I’m connected to a Pixhawk by 3DR Radio and running AC v3.3.3. Everything other than the 2 items below seem to work fine. The MP Build is 1.1.6038.12291.

With a mission loaded I select the Waypoint Command pulldown box and receive the following:

When I select the Full Parameter Tree I receive the following:

I’m unsure if I have all the correct Mono items installed since others don’t seem to have any problems with 16.04 so the below text file has everything Mono installed on my system:
Everything Mono Installed.txt (29.0 KB)

I did select yes to report the above errors but did anyone on this end receive them? Is there a solution? I really dread having to reload Windoze again.

both your error are mono generated error, so I will need to review them further to see if I can get past the mono limitation.

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