Mission Planner V1.3.00 deleted the yellow line?

I just updated to Mission Planner V1.3.00, when I start for flight plan design, I cannot see the yellow between WPs in the map. Refer to attached picture, whether Mission Planner V1.3.00 deleted the yellow line? Or I made any mistake?

How can I do to correct it? :confused: :confused:

please try updating again.

and let me know if its still an issue. as that shouldn’t happen.

I am having the same problem, updated twice, running 1.3.0 build 1.1.5224.30728.

OK, problem had been solved.

I have the same problem, updated twice without success.

I still do not see the yellow line between waypoints in Flight Plan.

Is there a toggle or something for display?

Running 1.3.1 b1.1.5229.30673.

Same problem than Yarr in a pc with windows 7 and an old notebook with XP. Something to enable?

MP needs Home Altitude in Flight Plan Screen, otherwise it will not display the yellow lines…
Home Altitude is automatically set if a valid gps signal is transmitted by mavlink, otherwise You have to set it manually in the field on the right side of Flight Plan screen.
regards, Andreas.