Mission planner unable to upload/install firmware

Hi, i am having some issues with uploading/installing the firmware on mission planner, i am using a pixhawks 2.4.8 and some holybro sik telemetry radios. whenever i try to upload/install firmwear.

i plug the sik telemetry radio in, then i click onto the rover on the page where you install firmware. it asks me am i a pixhawks or an apm and i click pixhawks.

then it tells me to unplug the sik telemetry radio and then plug it back in once i click ok. then i starts loading and 30 seconds later, it says download has fail like this:

i am using mission planner 1.3.30 and i am using a Chromebook for now so i can’t really download the latest version.

Upload firmware via usb connection not telemetry radio.

oh ok thanks for your help

um, it doesnt work and it still pops up with the same error. is it because my set up is wrong or is it something to do with settings?