Mission Planner taking several minutes to open

Ever since Mission Planner 1.3.59, it has taken several minutes (2-3) for Mission Planner to load on my Windows 10 computer. Prior to this the load time was only about 10 seconds. I have also replicated this issue on several other computers. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have attached the MissionPlanner.log file below:
MissionPlanner.log (44.3 KB)

It has some problems with plugins. Try rename the C:\Program Files (x86)\Mission Planner\plugins directory to #plugins, this will prevent loading them. Check if it solves it.

Thanks Andras, that worked a treat.

Do you know what there is any difference between 1.3.58 and 1.3.59 to make the plugins load slower?

Well, it must be something with the install, since I’m using latest version and does not have issue with plugins (actually I developing plugins) Using Windows 10/1809
What OS installations did you tried ?