Mission Planner Swarming Altitude Issue

Having an issue with Swarming on Mission Planner.

Mav’s are Iris+

Getting everything in the air fine - separate radio ID’s and Mav ID’s, both showing up, leader selected, position updated, standoff selected, arming and takeoff fine -

When Start is pressed, follower Mav shoots up to a much higher altitude - can adjust with Vert Standoff to a point however, if the lead Mav climbs 1 foot the follower goes up 4’ same with decending.

After takeoff and both Mav’s hovering at takeoff height, Start is pressed. Follower Mav goes 12-14m higher immediately. Adjust Vertical Standoff to -12m to get it near level with leader. Dropping a couple feet with leader puts follower on the ground. climbing 10’ puts the follower 40’ higher.

everything works fine, except altitude issue

Further testing shows a Hover at 100 FEET with Leader gives a hover at 327 Feet (100 Meters) with follower

Anything I am missing?


Found Issue - Mission Planner MUST be set to display METERS not Feet