Mission Planner - Suppress Error Announcements

I assume this is for Michael.

Just a thought. I was setting up a new Pixracer through MP the other day and it did just occur to me that it can be maddening to listen to all the errors when you are trying to set up a board. I often find when I am doing Accel. calibrations that my prompts are over-ridden by warnings.

Can Mission Planner have a configuration mode where warning are suppressed?

Have you ever considered creating a paid configuration app for Google Play/iOS with specific targets (Pixracer, Pixhawk 1, 1.2 etc). In any event maybe such an app could do a better job of testing sensors and telling us if a compass is facing north when we point it north etc (which would be nice).

In the meantime it would be great to silence all prompts (no, I do not need to hear “Going to Waypoint Zero…”) and just have MP focus on whatever configuration you are doing.

I am actually messing with my Pixracer (which I have had for a year after testing it in a quad) as I was moved to help someone on RCGroups get his working with Arduplane. This person owns a Pitlab system, iNav, and a Vector. – all of which flies. He has over recent years spent $1000 on Ardupilot flight controllers and never managed to get one working in his plane. AHRS and Compass issues seem to bedevil him – and I have seen this a many times. For the life of me I just see no reason to have so many compasss in a Pixracer when they mostly do not work – but that is a another issue.

As always, thanks for everything you do and have done.

Marc Dornan

You can disable the Audio messages by unchecking ‘Enable speech’ in the Config/Tuning page in mission planner. The corresponding messages can still be viewed in the messages tab in the flight data page.

Thanks Nihah. Better reply late than never.