Mission Planner Status Long and Lat values

Curious, but are there any ways that I can somehow get my mission planner to display all of the decimal values in Longitude and Latitude?

I have two robots (rover and drone) that are supposed to meet with each other. But when I feed the drone with the long and lat values coming from the rover, the distance gap is beyond 10-15 meters.

My theory is that the values displayed of the longitude and latitude are less (round off). I can only get three to 4 values after the point. So curious if there are ways to display all the decimal values of my longitude and latitude in my mission planner?

Yes, take a look on MAVLINK Inspector, it should be one message like GPS RAW or something like this.

It depends from where are you getting these data, maybe for viewing purposes they can be rounded, but for navigation purposes internally to ardupilot they are treated as decimal values, with 7 decimal values.

Take a look here:


Remember that this one above is your raw data coming from GPS.

To see the values after computing position estimation algorithms, refer to this:

This helped. I was only looking at the status from the Data tab. As I expected, there are still more decimal values. Thanks a lot!

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You’re welcome!

Keep pushing!