Mission Planner shows two external GPS

I just installed a new FC with one GPS but in the calibration it shows two externals I am unable to remove the second. what am i doing wrong.

The 1st compass is on the SPI bus so internal even though the external box is checked. The 2nd is the external compass on the I2C bus. Just disable the internal one. What’s the point of running an old Rc release? hard to see from the poor screen shot but if that’s Rc3 then:

Copter 4.0.4-rc4 28-Aug-2020
Changes from 4.0.4-rc3
1) Bug fixes:

  • a) Compass startup reordering based on compass priorities fix*

Update to latest stable.

Ahh that was the build on the fc… I did the Firmware update and wiped the config now is working. the odd thing when sorting things is that i can not select or deselect the options. Thanks Dave for helping.