Mission planner settingswwon't save

Under configuration, planner, there is a page where you can enable speech. One of the tick boxes is to enable altitude warning. I decided this was annoying so I unticked the box. Trouble is there is no way to save this preference. Turns out in fact there is no way to save ANY of the settings or preferences on this page. There is no ‘write parameters’ option or anything. Tried many combos, connected to machine, not connected to machine, reboot etc. No luck. Cannot turn off the annoying setting. Anyone seen this?

yep that’s a bug

Re-try your saving operations with Mission Planner 1.3.25 build 1.1.5589.3944 or later. Fixes for bad FPV video with HUD overlay, OSD colors savingand other items were fixed that probably include your issue.

I’m having the same problem with MP 1.3.48 build 1.1.6330.31130.

When I connect my Pixhawk it indicates new firmware. I uncheck the “Show me again?” box, and hit OK. but the message still keeps popping up every time I connect. I also enabled some User Items in the HUD. When I restart MP the User Items I enabled are no longer active.

MP saves config into your mydocuments folder. is this a valid folder?