Mission Planner script switching between two/more quads

Hi, after trying for some time I’m getting stuck trying the following. I want to control two quads (and later more physical/sitl) via the Python script in parallel, so quad1 guided mode to WP1, quad2 guided mode to WP2, quad1 guided mode to WP3 etc.

I’m looking for the command in Python script to switch between quads. Is this possible and what syntax should I be looking for?

Tried adding parameters to the following MAV command.
And in MAVlink to change the system ID but could not connect this to the script.

Thanks in advance

MAV is the current primary mav
checkout “Ports”
public void setGuidedModeWP(Locationwp gotohere, bool setguidedmode = true)
is obsolete
public void setGuidedModeWP(byte sysid, byte compid, Locationwp gotohere, bool setguidedmode = true)

Thank you, I will look into this. Would it still be possible to use the Mission Planner python scripting with these commands?