Mission Planner says autotune is active, but nothing happens

Hi folks,

DJIF550, 3DR Pixhawk, v3.2.1, trying to use autotune in alt hold mode.

Telemetry says autotune is ENGAGED, but I swear nothing happens…there is none of that “rhythmic twitching” like I see in the autotune videos.

I’ve tried 3 times now to get autotune to do something, but nothing is happening.



do you use transmitter trims?

No I don’t use trims.

After some investigation into what could be wrong, I am not sure I have had the throttle perfectly centered when engaging auto-tune (alt hold, as we know, just needs the throttle between 40 and 60 percent (typically), to maintain altitude).

So I am going to try again today with the throttle perfectly centered.

That kind of detail, if it’s true and works, really ought to be on the arducopter autotune page:


Just wanted to say I carefully centered the throttle in alt mode today, and whadaya know, autotune successfully engaged.

Question…how long does it normally take autotune to complete?


How long does it take? I’ll just say, make sure you have a fully charged battery! :smiley:

So is that maybe 10 minutes? 15?