Mission Planner Resource Editor Issue

On Visual Studio, I am trying to create buttons and move location of buttons (plus the other things on mission planner) using the resource editor on VS. But for the FlightData and SITL I am getting some errors when I try to open them and I am not experiened enough to understand why.

Could someone help me get this working properly I would appreciate it.

Sid you built the project at least once ?

I build the project and Mission Planner works fine.
But if I want to edit SITL.cs or FlightData.cs in resource editor you can see I get those errors.
If I open FlightPlanner.cs or other ones like Help.cs it works fine.

When building MP the only errors I get are:

Try get the latest master from GIT.
Just tested and it works fine with VS2019.
You have to restore NuGet packages before doing anything.

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After pulled master (moved away from the dev branch) and restored the NuGet packages (I did a repair of VS from Tools/Get Tools and Features) then it all worked fine.

On my dev branch the FlightPlanner.cs doesn’t work in resource editor, giving errors.
I will probably merge the master changes to my dev.

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