Mission Planner Request, enter coordinate

We have a request for mission Planner. Not sure where best to post ‘pull request’

We really need to be able to enter a coordinate into Flight Plan to locate places. We do Pre-flight operation in advance of going to site and moussing around the map to find a site is very time consuming. This should be helpful for anybody doing commercial work with mission Planner.

You can enter coordinates in advance for the home location: The Lat and Long fields for home position are editable in the flight plan tab. So if you set that you can then zoom right in. (If I understood you correctly …)

Best way to post a request would be here: https://github.com/ArduPilot/MissionPlanner/issues

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Thanks Oliver, the amount of times i have tried this and never realised you could edit the field.
This is because when you click on the coordinates you initially get a popup saying “Click on map to set home point”. I did not realise if you click ok then on the field again it becomes editable. Slightly misleading, perhaps “Click on map to set home point or enter long / lat into field” would be a better message.

I never thought of just clicking again and editing the field after the popup message.