Mission Planner Quick Tab Font Color Change

I have been implementing a new design to mission planner under visual studio. But I got stuck on one subject forever which is I would like to change colors of my custom labels/texts on quick tab as shown below like for heading/yaw I choose aqua, but whenever I start/execute/build the project it turns all the colors back to White. I did set default values from themeeditor.cs, mainv2.cs to non-white options but still problem exists. Anyone ever able to counter such problem ?

After Execution where text colors becomes white

What i would like to see

Check the WarningEngine, it has option to color Quick tab font backgrounds.
Or you have to directly edit the QuickTab control, since font colors are automatically generated.

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seems like whole TabControl tabs (Quick, Actions etc.) has this. So I went more into deep still I couldnt figure out the way. TabControl.cs has some default values but it is not effecting at the end. Theme settings either, it is really unusual.

I see; the issue is not the QuickView but added controls on a tab.

Control colors, included the label control, is set by the theme engine; If you want your label (and only the label control) excluded from theming, add the word custom to the .Tag property of the control. It will tell the theming engine to exclude that control.
(The code that does this is in ThemeManager.cs around line 1070)

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I went with more sustained solution, at the ApplyTheme class I removed ForeColor options from lines that I want to take full control. Now it is much more enjoyable to create custom theme. Thanks for the tip !