Mission Planner Python Script SendRC

Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to figure this out but I’m still confused as to what script.sendRC(#, ####, False) means.

I know the first value is with the channel, so
1 = roll
2 = pitch
3 = throttle
4 = yaw
5 = flight modes (and the PWM for this corresponds with whatever flight mode you have chosen(?))

The part I don’t get is “False.” From the dev guide, it determines whether a command has is to be sent now. Is there a reason for having this command? I’m asking because I was looking at the example script for Mission Planner and it had a few “False” statements but I see no reason as to why it might change the programming (although I’m mainly a c++ programmer and this is python so my logic could be completely wrong).

Also, if anyone knows of better user guides for scripting, that would be much appreciated.

false is "don’t send yet"
true is send now.

I guess I was wondering why even have that command. Does it actually serve a purpose or was it just for showing how to use the commands on the example script?