Mission planner probs

Hi is there A problem with the latest Mission Planner,had a couple of issues also arming light on the Here GPS is always solid now

Please specify problem and steps to reproduce.

Hi,well yesterday one cube 2.1 went bad so put my spare in now I cant get the arming to work on my here 2 gps tried other one the same tried altering the brd arming parameter no difference

What does this have to do with mission planner?

im woundering if there is a bug in the latest Mision planner and the 3,6,9 firmware

Right, I get that. However, Mission planner has little to do with the arming of the vehicle. Especially since you are trying to arm via the safety switch as opposed to via mavlink commands/through mission planner.

Does you vehicle arm when not connected to Mission Planner?

ive just completely removed mission planner and an going to upload the latest msi and start again ile keep you posted and thank you