Mission planner preflight checks documentation needed

I’m finding the preflight checklist really useful in Mission Planner. However I can’t find anything about the preflight checklist in the documentation where I thought it might be: Mission Planner Flight Data Screen — Mission Planner documentation (ardupilot.org)

Am I looking in the wrong place or shall I try to figure out how to add?

I’ve been unable to work out how to make it automatically check items that are non-numeric such as flight mode. I want it to automatically tick if I’m in stabilize mode, which is what I take off in. However I think I can only set numeric values for the trigger entries?

Also it would be good to document how to do multiple checks on one item. For example, I want to check that the battery voltage is between two values. (If it’s reading above full, the calibration is likely off and I want to know that).

I also happened to stumble across the following which would be good to add:
PreFlight Checklist - Verify key parameters are set as desired · Issue #1535 · ArduPilot/MissionPlanner (github.com)