Mission Planner Plugin Programming Question[Main Window Button Style & Color Change]


[Reason for changing color and styles of UI]

Above link explains what I want to do with mission planner plugins.

I programmed some VBA Application for excel and word document automation before, and the UI became very pretty with .NET system.

Mission Planner uses C#, which is .NET system, and it would be similar to VBA.

so I want to apply same thing with mission planner. it was very pretty when I used that color and style in the link.

[What I tried & What I want to do]

I could change button color with Custom theme menu in mission planner config.

Somethings was able to be changed with custem theme menu but something was not changed. :

(O is was able to change, X is was unable to change)

  • Button Text : O
  • Button MouseOver : O
  • Button Background top : O
  • Button Background bottom : O
  • Button Text Font : X
  • Button Font Type : X
  • Button BorderColor : X
  • TextBox Control Effect(Flat) : X
  • TextBox Control Border Style : X
  • TextBox BorderColor : X

I want to change all things with plugins Init() code or Loaded() code, is it possible?

and I want to change the dropdown box style. now it is like below :

DropDown Box

I want to change it to below style :

or the style applied on the button.

Anyone can give me advice?

[Additional Example]

Below is the button color which was changed with mission planner custom theme menu.

you can see button text is cut. I want to change button size and position also, with plugins.

For Forum Question - Button Color

I tried building mission planner before, and because of dotnet version collision, it was very hard to build.

So I’m asking the way to modify UI with plugins, which don’t need build process.

mission planner supports custom themes. i did a video on it at the last dev conference


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Thank you for your reply.

However, as mentioned above, I couldn’t make changes to the following elements in the config. (I apologize for the complexity and length of my previous post.)

  • Button Text Font: X
  • Button Font Type: X
  • Button BorderColor: X
  • TextBox Control Effect (to Flat Style): X
  • TextBox Control Border Style: X
  • TextBox BorderColor: X

I also cannot modify the dropdown box style in config, and adjusting the button position and size for solving font cut problem in the Action tab buttons is not possible.

It appears that I may need to access these buttons programmatically, but finding an easy way to achieve this seems challenging.

maybe I have to build the mission planner in the future.

Thank you.