Mission Planner on Raspberry Pi

Has anyone succesfully installed and ran Mission Planner on a Raspberry Pi or another Linux box ?
Please share! :slight_smile:

Works dine with Mono om Ubuntu…

i have had MP running on a pie. it was rather slow however, you need to use the software maths processor version however.

Do you have a download link for that?

do a sudo apt-get install mono-complete
then download the missionplanner zip file, and run mono MissionPlanner.exe

Ok thank you :slight_smile: I will try this tonight.

I get error messages saying “cannot access memory at address 0x1” +++

Any idea what the problem is ?

I got Mission Planner running on the Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian but when I try and connect to a USB APM it crashes. “Error in ‘mono’: malloc(): smallbin double linked list corrupted: 0x6bd953d0”

Want to use QGC on raspberry with a LCD screen and a battery. More easy to use on field…
Some one had used a Pi zero or Pi 4?