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Mission Planner on Raspberry Pi 4, no Luck

If i update MP to latest beta does it break everything or it should keep working?

Not sure.
The script will work with whatever Missionplanner version: just change the wget target to the version you want. But you’ll need to delete your existing instance if you’ve already run the script (it’s a dumb script).

Qt does compile on/for Arm. It’s just that the specific version that QGC uses (5.12.6) doesn’t have a linux arm release, so you need to compile Qt (base + relevant modules) from source (which takes a very long time on a Pi…). As you can see in the thread above, there are nuances with Pi’s as well.
I have had QGC running on a pi4, but on Lubuntu LXQt, not Raspbian (although that should be possible).
Android is just a different beast.
A bit out of scope for this thread, but when I get a script going for QGC I’ll share it.

I see. So the best would be just to use MissionPlanner on the pi for now as discussed.

Thank you for trying to make this work :slight_smile:

Followed tutorial but had this prob at the end of script.

cp: impossible to create regular file ‘MissionPlanner/’: File o directory doesn’t exist

so i run the following:

sudo cp -f MissionPlanner

Than i enlarged memory to 256 and double clicked MissionPlanner.exe, it starts the splash screen but it dies, can’t read what it writes before it disappereas.

Script didn’t create desktop ikon.

My Pi is halfway through compiling Qt… but when it’s done I’ll run the script again.
The icon isn’t there because the script exited before creating it.

sudo cp -f MissionPlanner that i run manually is the correct place where to copy it? (1.2 KB)
This works on my Pi. I’ve scp’d it back from the Pi, just in case I forgot to sync before zipping last time (embarrassing but not unlikely). This zip is just the script, not the other three files

Can i just run it or i have to clean something?

yeah, no cleanup happening within the script, so you can either delete the missionplanner directories (there’s probably two, plus the MP_scripts dir), or comment the relevant wgets and mkdirs out of the script.

Still no joy, it gets terminated while starting. It crashes just before telemetry stuff appear on the boot terminal.

It works!!!
For some reason even if it is a Rpi4 i had to disable opengl driver.

Thank you very much!!

Interesting with the opengl driver. I wonder why I didn’t have to do that (or if at some point I did, and forgot)?

Thank you very much for your help!!!

Do you think there is any chance for a joystick to work? I just tried and told me i need directx redistributable installed…

Good question.
If it proves too hard with MP, you could probably work around it with MAVProxy

Right, i’ll give it a shot with mavproxy.

Thank you

You most definitely have to disable openGL in your raspberry pi.

There are still problems however. I can’t get the dinulation to work e.g. and i guess there are mans more minor errors.

there’s no chance of directx on a Pi (or anything linux without resorting to Wine). So MAVProxy is probably easiest.

please make sure you use the current beta MP.

ive made some adjustments that means
it includes the correct
and fix’s a long stranding memory clearing bug that results in a crash on connect. but never happens on windows

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I didn’t have a lot of time due to a new job, that’s why it took so long for any installation guide to be created.

But it’s finished now and I posted it here in it’s own thread How to guide: Mission Planner on Raspberry Pi

Unfortunately just now i realised, that you made some changes with the file.
That’s why that step is still integrated into the guide.

I will test it without the library and try to be quick to edit the guide to meet your newest changes to MissionPlanner.

Again: thanks a lot for all your time in this topic Michael!


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