Mission Planner on a budget?

New kid on the block running WinVistaSP2 on a dated Compaq CQ50.
Not having any luck installing MP . . . am I spinning my wheels?
WinVistaSP2 only supports .Net up to v4.6

When I export a “Flight Log” from my SkyViperGPS log . . . where does it export to, for viewing?

Try apmplanner2 or qgroundcontrol … much less resource hungry and effective without the .net mess.
Optimally, you can run them on Linux, that will outperform easily any windows you may run on the hardware.

Or you can try Win7 or Win10. They run better on low end processors than Vista on anything.
(I’m using MP on a 150usd Atom processor tablet with 2G mem and Win10, and it runs just fine)

The latest versions of Mission Planner require a new version of the Dot,net but the older versions of Mission Planner use older versions of dot,net…