Mission planner not working in 3.5rc05

There’s already a post on this over at Mission Planner, but after some testing this problem only exists on 3.5rc05. I have two units using a Pixhawk 2.1, one running 3.5rc04 and the other 3.5rc05. The 05 version is showing hundreds of amps drawn in the hud on mission planner with the battery used going pretty crazy. The data flash logs show normal current readings though. 3.5rc04 has no such problem. Just to make sure, I updated the quad on 3.5rc04 to 05 and it duplicated the same crazy readings the hex is showing. Here’s a log from the hex showing normal current readings and the tlog show something totally different lol!

2017-05-10 13-00-09.bin (1.5 MB)
2017-05-10 12-58-27.tlog (408.0 KB)

Note that current is displayed correctly in Tower So I would assume the problem is rather with MP.

Seems so. But only with 3.5rc05. 3.5rc04 work fine. RC05 isn’t playing nice with Mission Planner lol.

Issue is with MP, should be fixed in latest MP beta.

Everything works great with 1.3.48 build 1.1.6340! Thank you!