Mission Planner not updating linux

Good morning and thank you for reading.

I am using MP on my Linux laptop running Linux Mint.

Everything works fine but I can not seem to update to the latest Beta version using the option in the update menu. the download will just freeze or when changes are applied the program will hang for 30 minutes or longer

I am running ubuntu and update works but on latest release it closes itself on connection, so if it works for you as it is i advice on not updating. MP under linux is poor to say the least.

I’m using Ubuntu Budgie. The update button worked for me once on regular ubuntu but never again. Since then I just go straight to github and download the latest beta straight from there. It’s actually probably quicker than using the update button.

ill check why updating is not working


mono MissionPlanner.exe /update

Just tried it. That works just fine. Thanks!