Mission Planner not registering switches on Matek F405 wing board

Hi guys, trying to sort some things out. I’m using a Matek F405 wing board with most recent stable release of Arduplane as of 9/25/22 (last night). I have the same firmware flashed to another board (Matek F405 WSE), same taranis X9D running EdgeTX, CRSF Tx and Nano RX for connectivity on both. I have 2 different models setup on the radio. Both setup as new, all settings the same, the F405 WSE on MP works perfectly. The exact same setup on the F405 Wing board only registers the throttle, ail, else, rudd, but no other switches, specifically the one setup for mode switch.

All of the CRSF updated, I tried reflashing the F405 wing board, but still getting the same. Any suggestions?



have you calibrated your radio in mission planner? If they do not move on the radio calibration page you more than likely need to recalibrate. Try an recalibrate then see if they work.

Thanks @fuego yeah man, I did calibrate a couple times. If I go into the mixer on the radio, everything works perfectly. If I switch models on the radio to my other with the exact same setup on the wse board, works perfectly in mission planner.

Any other thoughts? Thanks

MP->Data->Status (or similar). Check chxin numeric values moving sticks and switches.

Excellent. Thanks I’ll look this evening

@Webillo , in MP how can I see if I’m getting full range of the ESC? I’m a bit confused on this. Thanks