Mission Planner:New Google Earth Satellite Images

Hello. Was wondering how to get Mission Planner to use the most recent Google satellite imagery. I continue to only get the older ones. Need more recent ones for planning missions better. Thanks

Interesting question. I’ve noticed some strange things in Google Earth, and even Mapquest. I can pull up a satellite image of a location, and sometimes when I got to the last zoom available, it will switch to a different image, time frame wise. In other words, you could see a vehicle in all the images, except the last, zoomed one, and notice the vehicle is gone. Don’t know if it’s going more current, or late? Seems I used to see a year date at the bottom, but I dunno.:confused:

Sometimes you need to clear your map cache to get new tiles in. Go in your Mission Planner folder and delete folder called gmapcache . That will force MP to reload all it’s map tiles.

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to clean up old images please open the control-f screen and click “Age Map Data” this removes images older than 30 days

Which Google map paid API is suitable for latest Google map satellite imagery for Mission planner.@Michael_Oborne

Just an update to this thread:

Version 1.3.7277xxx

Do the CTRL F while in the “Flight Planning” screen… look at which map you have selected: such as GoogleHybrid, etc…
Select each and every Google Map you will use, and on each map, do the “Age Map Data” on each selection.

I didn’t get the latest Google tiles until I did this to each Map.