Mission planner mystery figures

Sorry I am new to this I have loaded up mission planner done the compass and set the esc but when the quadcopter is sat on the floor mission planner is reading figures on the yaw,altitude etc and they are constantly changing is this right

Also when I power down on the throttle the motors continue to spin slowly for a minute then stop is this also correct

Finally is there a way of testing the loiter and stabilise settings before actually flying outside

Many thanks

It is fine for it to change a bit. like ±1m for altitude and less then a degree for the heading.

The motor continues to spin because it is set to spin at low rpm when armed. It stops soon after because it auto-disarms.

If you have a small frame size, you can tie strings from the frame to a solid base and test the response of the quad. search online and you will find videos of people doing this.

lastly, are you new to the APM boards?

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Yes new to this I bought a second hand 450 with 700mm arms which flew great until had first lesson don’t let a friend have a go…

Do I had to rebuild and learn as I go I had problem with APM so reset and started again just hope I have everything set how it should be time will tell lol

Any tips much appreciated

oh craps. hahahaha.

I suggest that you read AND understand through the first few tutorials.

also for a guaranteed safe setup, use the wizard in mission planner and follow the instructions. make sure that the surface you calibrate the accelerometers on is really flat. I personally use a bubble spirit level to check the surface.

make sure you perform the compass calibration in a huge open place and confirm the confirm that all of the compass values are a numerical value in advanced parameters.

oh and lastly do a compassmot test.

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Had a fly this morning and although windy I was having a problem getting it to loiter so had to fly in stabilise mode.

But when I returned and connected to PC I keep getting a Pre Arm-Throttle thres value error, had a read online and did some recommended changes but no joy, any ideas

I have posted my flight on you tube so you can see how unstable it is


Hope I am ok putting the link on here

Many thanks paul