Mission Planner Multicast

Hi all,

Trying to use mission planner to directly join a multicast group for telemetry on an autopilot.

Who here has done this? I have some questions on how you did it and any gotchas you encountered. Would appreciate any information.

I have successfully connected using mavproxy but have yet to get mission planner to connect.


which option are you using? udpcl? if MP detects a multicast address it trys to subscribe too it

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Yeah I’m trying to use the UDPCl option. I’m using mavlink router to establish comms on port 14555. Mavproxy connects but MP doesn’t.

I think I am pretty close. Seems I get some information coming through and then this error.


That looks like an issue with your installation. Please try update/reinstall

@Michael_Oborne It ended up being a FIPS issue on my machine. I had to add <enforceFIPSPolicy enabled="false" /> into the runtime section of the MissionPlane.exe.config file. Glad to finally have this working!

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what was the line you needed to add?

Hello, appreciate some help.
Nice, long time link, but found nothing else.
trying to put mavlink data on multicast by Python, and use Mission planner to show it.
would like to have multiple ground stations connected to the same plane.
getting connection and HUD data, but no parameters.
added the line to the runtime section with no change.
suspect hand shacking needed, any idea ?