Mission Planner Multicast

Hi all,

Trying to use mission planner to directly join a multicast group for telemetry on an autopilot.

Who here has done this? I have some questions on how you did it and any gotchas you encountered. Would appreciate any information.

I have successfully connected using mavproxy but have yet to get mission planner to connect.


which option are you using? udpcl? if MP detects a multicast address it trys to subscribe too it

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Yeah I’m trying to use the UDPCl option. I’m using mavlink router to establish comms on port 14555. Mavproxy connects but MP doesn’t.

I think I am pretty close. Seems I get some information coming through and then this error.


That looks like an issue with your installation. Please try update/reinstall

@Michael_Oborne It ended up being a FIPS issue on my machine. I had to add <enforceFIPSPolicy enabled="false" /> into the runtime section of the MissionPlane.exe.config file. Glad to finally have this working!

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what was the line you needed to add?