Mission Planner Motor Test issue on Tricopter

Hi All,

I have nearly completed a build of my first tricopter and I am using and APM Mini and Mission Planner 1.3.19 Build 1.1.5508.10848 to set it up, as part of the setup and to test & balance the motors I use the motor test function in Initial Setup/Optional Hardware/Motor Test, as can be seen in the picture, however when I select ‘Test motor C’ the motor does not spin but the Yaw servo reacts instead, tilting fully to the right (Looking from the back) ‘Test motor A’ & ‘Test motor B’ work perfectly, is this a software issue?
The tricopter itself funtions perfectly otherwise, all the accelerometer, compass & radio calibration id flawless also.
Thankyou - Regards - George.

Your tail motor is plugged into Output 4 and the servo is plugged into Output 7 per the instructions? It sounds like your servo is plugged into Output 4.

@Otherhand, I have checked the wiring & it is correct with regards to 4 & 7, it works as it should through the transmitter & receiver with all stick directions doing what they should, the issue only occurs through mission planners motor test… I did check again to satisfy myself that the servo is on 7 & it is… :wink:

for now I will add another button

Thankyou that would be very helpful :wink:
Not to mention much appreciated…