Mission Planner motor test causes flight controller to reboot

I am having a problem when I try to run the motor test in Mission Planner. When I click a “Test motor 1” button the flight controller reboots, Mission Planner puts up a dialog “Error communicating with the autopilot Motor :1”, and the MP console has the following message:

ERROR MissionPlanner.MainV2 - Serial Reader fail :System.IO.IOException:
The device does not recognize the command
   at System.IO.Ports.WinSerialStream.ReportIOError(String optional_arg)
   at System.IO.Ports.WinSerialStream.get_BytesToRead()
   at System.IO.Ports.SerialPort.get_BytesToRead()
   at MissionPlanner.MainV2.SerialReader()
INFO MissionPlanner.Comms.SerialPort - Closing port COM16

This happens with the latest MP beta (16921), with two different quads with Kakute F7 flight controllers running a fairly recent 3.7dev build. Two different computers give the same result.

Motor test used to work for me on these two quads, they are both flying fine, and I can’t think of anything I’ve changed which would have caused this. Any ideas? Thank you.

Using MP 1.3.66 motor test I am observing a similar behavior, with random unusual beeps, plus the motors (set at 9% and 1 sec) are spinning up twice. Some random things seem to be happening, but I can’t to the bottom of it.

Using MP 1.3.66 motor test I am observing a similar behavior, with random unusual beeps, plus the motors (set at
9% and 1 sec) are spinning up twice

Please set log_disarmed and supply both a tlog and dataflash log for these
tests. My guess is that our watchdog code is resetting the controller -
'though I though that had been addressed already.

Also - please test the tip of master rather than something close to it.
We have logging that went in very recently to help diagnose this sort of


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Apologies for the less than complete report earlier. I updated to the latest master and latest MP and motor test is working for me now. Thank you.

Thanks for the reply, Peter.
I had the log_disarmed param set a little while ago, but it produced dates from the year 1970 and 1980. So I wasn’t so clear if this was going to produce data I could glean something from…
Due to being late on a project, I need to currently move forward with stable fw 3.6.8. and am unable to test anything else. (If I find the time, I will upload a log in disarmed state.)
Late last night, I somehow managed to get the motortest going so that I am sufficiently certain the right motors are addressed, and the spinning twice seems to also have subsided with MP 1.3.7070.