Mission Planner (mono) on Ubuntu 18

Trying to install/run Mission Planner via mono on Ubuntu 18 and receiving the following error when launching Mission Planner via mono MissionPlanner.exe

I have it running on 21.10. I don’t know if it matters but I installed mono-complete.

Same - I am following these instructions: Run Mission Planner on Ubuntu 20.04

I have it running in a Virtual Machine - but was trying to install/run it on an actually Ubuntu install.

Last time I did it I just installed mono using these instructions: Download - Stable | Mono

It probably bloats the install with a bunch of packages I’ll never use, but it worked and I don’t know linux well enough yet to know what to pick and choose.

I will give this a try - decided to update to Ubuntu 20.04 to see if that fixes it.

Updating to Ubuntu 20.04 fixed it.

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