Mission Planner missing parts of configuration

Out of sudden my Mission Planner got broken. It doesn’t display parameter tree or list. This happened between power cycling my PC sometime ago. It was on Win7. I uninstalled the MP, reinstalled it and it’s still the same issue. Then I even (finally) upgraded my PC from win7 to win10, but the issue is still there.
My win10 laptop works fine though.

Any ideas?

Without actual seeing the screen it is difficult to know what you are referring to.
However, if you re-installed it or upgraded the version it may be set to “Basic” Layout.
This is the first thing to check - “Config” tab, then “Planner” and then towards the middle of the screen “Layout”. Have a look if that is set to Basic and if so change to Advanced.

Hope this resolves it for you.

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Yes, somehow the ‘format’ was set to basic. It was so easy, wow. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Glad it worked for you.