Mission Planner locks up during log analysis

While working with a log and moving around it will suddenly just stop working. Hangs for some time and then crashes or has to be killed.
Each new version makes this worse.
Sometimes it locks up scrolling up or down. Sometimes when clicking on an element or using the filter tool.

Currently running


please provide more info about the log, or the log itself?

how big is the log?

This has been going on for Months now and it does not matter what log I look at. It happens in random spots when going from the top to the bottom or just scrolling up and down and clicking on an Item.

Maybe I will try it on another computer and see if it’s my video driver or Direct X that’s causing the problem.

It does go into a tight loop though since the CPU percent goes high when it happens. It’s like it’s looking for something and can’t find it.


Just verified this process on two different computers in each case the computer stops responding on two different logs.
Just in case here is the log I used:

1 - Review a log
2 - make full screen
3 - click on line 0 “FMT” item
4 - Graph Mechanical Failure
5 - Using side scroll bar go all the way to the last line
6 - Click on MAG2 item and it’s locked


not doing it for me.
please try the latest beta mp.

Still locks up on beta and on the latest 25.

Tested on two different systems with Windows 7 on one and Windows 8.1 on the other.


Mission Planner still locks up when viewing a log in the latest version.

To reproduce the issue you need to select an item FMT. Then graph anything. Then grab the square scroll bar item on the right and slide it to the bottom. The click on any item in the list and it should hang.

Does not happen if you scroll down the list or page down.


ive tested in 28 beta… and it works. can someone test 28 beta?

Ok, it hangs a little as it goes to the last item in the list but does not stop responding any more.


cool, the reason things have change is some people have been opening 1.8gb logs with MP. so im trying to cater for all log size’s