MIssion Planner loading Parameter Files with wong Values

Hi I wanted to look at a few parameter files and loading these without a drone connected to the PC Mission Planner is missing zeros and Decimal Points for the Values.

If i save these parameters then as a new File they get saved with the wrong values, so its not just a Display Problem

i forgot: 1.3.75 Build 1.3.7883.26333

ill check this out, i asume your in a European country

Hi Michael, thanks for the quick response.
Ah i didn’t think of that Yes, i am - Im using German localization, so . is ,
If i change it to English it works, so yes that is indeed the problem


can i confirm which button you used to load the file? was it just load? or compare? etc?

It is the Load from File Button, compare seems to work fine

another follow up, where you connected to a vehicle?

No not connected to anything, just Starting Mission Planner to look at the Files

yep, the issue is when not connected to anything. the same file when connected to something would work fine. so fixing now